An Irish Christmas by Melody Carlson

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  An Irish Christmas

Author:  Melody Carlson

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Colleen and her grown-up son, Jamie, have kept secrets from each other, not little secrets – but blow it out of the water secrets, secrets that could tear apart their fragile relationship. While Jamie was in college, his Dad/Colleen’s husband passed away from a heart condition. Now alone and adrift, Colleen sells the flourishing shoe business that Jamie does not want to run and is seriously considering downsizing her beautiful but much too large home. When Jamie comes home from college and with a sudden decision, but really a cover-up announces his plan to join the military – Colleen makes a sudden decision as well. A trip to Ireland at Christmas will be where Colleen tells Jamie the secret only her and her late husband hid.

Rather predictable, sometimes downright unbelievable, but with beautiful descriptions of Ireland, the pubs, and a small Irish island named Inishbofin, Carlson writes a sweet little inspirational with a nice surprise ending.

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