Max Headroom [videorecording] : the complete series

    Review by: Linda J.

Title:  Max Headroom [videorecording] : the complete series

Starring:  Matt Frewer, Amanda Pays, Jeffrey Tambor, Morgan Sheppard

Collection:  Movies

20 minutes in the future…..
Imagine a future where television networks run the world.  TVs are everywhere and none of them has an off switch.  Government officials are elected based on how high their ratings are.  The religion of the masses is called View Age and is broadcast over the airwaves.
Max Headroom, the title character of this tv show from 1987-1988, is a computer generated artificial intelligence.  He was created by a boy genius when the memory of ace reporter Edison Carter is captured into a computer program.  Max can move around from TV to TV and cause all kinds of trouble!  Edison works for Network 23, which is one of the largest networks in the world.  Networks will do anything to increase and keep their ratings, and Edison investigates anything that seems a little shady.
It was interesting to see how the creators pictured the future.  Laptops are bulky and look like old fashioned typewriters attached to a TV screen.  There is no cash, everyone has credits which can be used by plugging a metal rod into a receptor.  Sometimes the writers were close to predicting things to come, but sometimes they were way off base.  Reality shows have come to pass, but the characters in the show know nothing about cellphones.
The acting can be a  bit melodramatic at times, and the special effects are kind of hokey, but this show is still fun to watch after 25 years!


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