Short-straw bride by Karen Witemeyer

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Short-straw bride

Author:  Karen Witemeyer

Collection:  Adult Fiction

If you want to read a light, wholesome, historical romance – then this is the perfect novel. Set in the 1880s, Texan Meredith Hayes is determined not to marry ambitious Roy Mitchell and when she overhears him plotting to burn the barn of her childhood hero Travis Archer – she lights out for the reclusive Archer farm to warn him and his three brothers. But as she gets caught up in the fight to save the barn, Meri is seriously hurt and ends up staying for days, compromising her reputation. Under threat from Meri’s uncle, the Archer brothers draw straws to determine who will marry the feisty gal and to her delight Travis is left holding the short straw. The only woman now on the land, Meri sets out to teach the Archers a new kind of love and courage.

Back when a women wouldn’t dare show a bare ankle to a man, this book is refreshing look at love done Texan 1880s style..

Also written by Karen Witemeyer:
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Head in the Clouds
To Win Her Heart


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