The case of the deadly desperados by Caroline Lawrence

    Review by:  Lisa

Title:  The case of the deadly desperados

Author:  Caroline Lawrence

Collection:  Juvenile Fiction

Introducing P.K. Pinkerton, Master of Disguise.  When twelve-year-old P.K. (Pinky) Pinkerton’s foster parents are murdered by Whittlin’ Walt and his gang of ruthless desperados, Pinky goes on the run and is forced into hiding with Ma’s priceless last possession: the deed to a large amount of land and silver mines in the Nevada Mountains. But relying on disguises will only keep Pinky hidden for so long, and the desperados are quickly closing in . . .

A hero for kids with Asperger’s syndrome, Pinky has difficulty interpreting facial expressions and some behavior, but he is smart, has a photographic memory, and is a mathematical wonder.  Lawrence let’s Pinky tell his story from his point of view, which results in some hilarious and poignant moments.  Look for P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man in April 2013.

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