The reason by William Sirls

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The reason

Author:  William Sirls

Collection: Adult Fiction

During a horrible storm, lightning strikes the huge wooden cross outside of St. Thomas’ Church – Pastor Jim Lindy and his almost nonexistent congregation do not have the funds to replace it. When little five year old Alex Thomas and his mother Brooke, who live with Pastor Lindy, his wife Shirley and grown son Charlie, mention it at the hospital where he’s having tests done, Dr. Macey Lewis rounds up a few people to lend a hand. They include her co-worker Dr. Zach Norman, NP Kaitlyn Harby , and carpenter and volunteer Kenneth, who keeps oddly repeating, “only believe.” Dr. Lewis makes quick friends with Alex and his family and although dismayed when the test conclude Alex has aggressive leukemia – Macey knows as a oncologist, she is the best at what she does – finding answers and helping children like Alex beat cancer. But, what do you do when leukemia will not respond to the strongest medication and treatments. Kenneth repeats, “only believe.”

A compelling look at faith, doubts, and miracles…

Be sure to read the included author’s note and interview.


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