So far away : a novel by Meg Mitchell Moore

sofarawayRegina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  So far away : a novel

Author:  Meg Mitchell Moore

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Natalie Gallagher, 13 and neglected – due to her parent’s divorce, a father who is caught up in his new girlfriend and a mother who has slid into deep depression – is a girl on the brink. Her once best friend is now a cyberbully partner with popular Taylor Grant and the two send text messages that are cutting, cruel, and demeaning. When Natalie finds an old diary in the basement, while looking for family birth records, she heads to the city library archive where she meets 50 something Kathleen Lynch – who has lost her own teenage daughter to drugs. Kathleen, with the help of her coworker, Neil, is determined to decipher the diary’s illegible writing and save Natalie.

Favorite quote: “Neil seemed to accept the hole in her life without feeling the need to stick his finger into it, feeling around for the tender parts, the way most people did.”

Very current, very deep, and very moving – once again I found a book that couldn’t be put down.


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