The perfect hope by Nora Roberts

perfecthope Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The perfect hope

Author:  Nora Roberts

Collection:  Adult Fiction

The third and final conclusion to Inn Boonsboro ties things up rather nicely. Sexy, swaggering, tool belt toting, and oldest brother Ryder Montgomery is at odds with the lovely city girl and innkeeper Hope. Admittedly Hope runs his mother’s inn like clockwork, smoothly and perfectly. When the inn’s resident ghost and matchmaker, Lizzy, locks them in the penthouse together, the only thing to do pucker up and make Lizzy happy. Hope’s best friends, Avery and Clare, are delighted to see the romance progress and want Hope to be included, as they are, in the Montgomery family.

MacTavish’s Restaurant and Tap House gets finished and another building begins demolition and rehab. The dialog is hilarious as usual, the way the Montgomery men interact with their children, as in Men night, is a hoot and learning what led to Lizzy’s fiancee’s death during the Civil War is heartbreaking. Great series to finish!

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