The Sherlockian by Graham Moore

The Sherlockian ChrisReviewed by:  Chris

Title:  The Sherlockian

Author:  Graham Moore

Collection:  Adult Fiction

This fast-paced novel contains two mysteries, two time periods, and two genres in one.  In January 2010, literary researcher Harold White is determined to discover who murdered fellow Baker Street Irregular, Alex Cale.  The Irregulars is a society of people obsessed with the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and everything “Sherlockiana,” and Cale, one of the foremost Holmes scholars, had supposedly located a missing diary of Sherlock Holmes’s creator Arthur Conan Doyle.  This diary is the holy grail for Sherlockians, and some of them would do almost anything to acquire it, even commit murder.  Beginning in the fall of 1900, Arthur Conan Doyle embarks on an investigation to track down who sent him a letter bomb, which leads him on a chase to identify a serial murderer.  The link between the two plot threads is the missing diary, which covers the period of Conan Doyle’s murder investigation.  Even those of us who do not aspire to the ranks of the Baker Street Irregulars are sure to enjoy this voyage into literary intrigue.

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