The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

The Eyre Affair Chris Reviewed by Chris

Title:  The Eyre Affair

Author:  Jasper Fforde

Collection:  Adult Books

It’s 1985; England is the world’s greatest super power; the Crimean War drags on, and high literature is taken very seriously.  In this England, Detective Thursday Next works for a special crime unit called Spec-Ops 27, the Literary Division.   When the world’s third-most-wanted criminal, Acheron Hades, finds a way to jump into Jane Eyre and kidnap the title character, it’s up to Next to save the beloved heroine…and the novel.  Irreverent and witty, Douglas Adams fans will love this one, as will bibliophiles.  The literary allusions and clever satire are priceless, but I confess, my favorite thing is Next’s dodo bird, Pickwick.

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