A winter dream by Richard Paul Evans

wintersdream  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  A winter dream

Author:  Richard Paul Evans

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Richard Paul Evans is known for his inspiring messages set in a compact little format. His new novel parallels the well known bible story of Joseph’s coat of many colors. The same Joseph that saves his brothers from certain death.

Talented, young Jacob Jacobson has 11 brothers and one sister – all who work for a very successful Denver marketing firm run by their father, Israel or Izzy to his friends. Jealous of their father’s attention to Jacob, his brothers plot the day when Jacob can be ruined. When youngest brother Ben “borrows” money from the business, the plot is hatched and Jacob, in order to save Ben and the company’s name, is forced to leave his job and hometown. Even his fiancée jilts him. As his world falls around his feet, Jacob tries to pick up the pieces in a new town and new agency, only to find himself on the disadvantage again…

A lovely modern twist….


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