A parchment of leaves : a novel by Silas House

parchmentofleaves   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  A parchment of leaves : a novel

Author:  Silas House

Collection:  Adult Fiction

“There is so much writ upon the parchment of leaves, So much of beauty blown upon the winds,
I can but fold my hands and sink my knees
In the leaf pages.” James Still, “I Was Born Humble”

Vine is a dark haired Cherokee woman living in the mountains who falls in love with a tall, quiet, freckled, redheaded man named Saul. She moves from her home in Redbud Camp to the home of Saul’s mother, Esme, and brother, Aaron, in God’s Creek, Kentucky until their own home can be built. Aaron, younger than Saul, and a bit spoiled, also falls in love with Vine and his crush turns into more when Saul takes a logging job away from home.

From one of my favorite authors, A Parchment of Leaves is a lovely, deep book, with dreamy descriptions of the mountains…this novel will touch your heart as well as mine…

A quote to think on: “I walked out to the tree and put my finger to a leaf, smooth like it was coated with wax. I could feel its veins, wet and round. I had always found comfort in the leaves, in their silence. They were like a parchment that holds words of wisdom. Simply holding them in my hand gave me some of the peace a tree possesses. To be like that – to just be – that’s the most noble thing of all.” p. 218

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