Great Graphic Novels for 2013

The Young Adult Library Services Association recently released their top Graphic novels for 2013.  Here are the top ten.

  • Backderf, Derf. My Friend Dahmer. Go to high school with the nation’s most notorious serial killer.
  • Fetter-Vorm, Jonathan. Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb. A look at one of the most controversial decisions in American history.
  • Lambert, Joseph. Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller. You thought you knew the whole story.
  • Hicks, Faith Erin. Friends with BoysFrom homeschool to high school, Maggie learns to let go of her past and make new friends.
  • Kwitney, Alisa, Rebecca Guay and othersA Flight of AngelsAn angel lies dying in a forest while its denizens decide his fate.
  • Long, Mark, Nate Powell and othersThe Silence of Our Friends.In 1966 two families have the courage to become friends against a backdrop of riots and racism.
  • Murakami, Takashi. Stargazing Dog. The heart-breaking story of a man and his dog as they search for happiness in a life that rejects them.
  • Telgemeier, Raina. Drama. The drama on the stage is no match for drama behind the curtain.
  • Waid, Mark, Paolo Manuel Rivera and Marcos Martin. Daredevil V. 1. Daredevil is back and he has an eye for justice!

See the entire list here.

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