Red ruby heart in a cold blue sea by Morgan Callan Rogers

redrubyheart   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Red ruby heart in a cold blue sea

Author:  Morgan Callan Rogers

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Twelve years old and on the edge of puberty, Florine is looking forward to her teen years, when her young, lively mother disappears on her annual getaway. Florine and her father are left to flounder along in the small fishing village in Maine. Even with her stalwart Grand across the road with her comforting arms and her small, close knot of friends, Florine becomes more and more depressed – especially when her father’s old flame comes around, full of sympathy and toting delicious meals. When another great loss happens, Florine begins to sink beneath the waves of loneliness and depression.

Florine is such a vulnerable character – that you’ll fall in love with her and feel her losses and happiness. The other characters, especially Grand, are so real, the setting of coastal Maine described so beautifully, and you’ll understand that life is not neat and tidy – and not always tied up with a bow.

I hear there is a sequel in the works..

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