Haunted Maryland : ghosts and strange phenomena of the Old Line State by Ed Okonowicz

hauntedmaryland  lindaj  Review by:  Linda J.

Title:  Haunted Maryland : ghosts and strange phenomena of the Old Line State

Author:  Ed Okonowicz ; illustrations by Heather Adel Wiggins

Collection:  Adult Non-Fiction

Ed Okonowicz, a Delaware native, is an editor and writer at the University of Delaware, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in communication. Also a professional storyteller, Ed is a member of the National Storytelling Association and specializes in local legends and folklore of the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays, as well as topics related to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
He has moved beyond his native Delaware in this book about haunted Maryland.  He talked to native Marylanders, park rangers, paranormal investigators and read newspaper articles to research this book.  It is broken down by area, with the most material given to the Eastern Shore (the author’s specialty).  Some of the information was more about local superstitions than hauntings, but I was glad he included them.  The superstitions sometimes contradicted themselves.  For example, women on board a seagoing vessel are bad luck, but if a child is born at sea, it is good luck!
Some of the legends are famous, like the story of Edgar Allen Poe and his midnight visitor.  Other legends were only known to local folks until now!  Was there really a Snallygaster flying around Frederick County?  Is there a sea monster lurking in the Chesapeake Bay?  Maryland also has the distinction of having ‘America’s most haunted lighthouse’ at Point Lookout.   These occurances have been documented over and over, could they possibly be true?
The chapter about Western Maryland’s local legends was brief, but still interesting.  He told the story of Braddock’s ghost and treasure which may be buried around here somewhere.  He also included the Blair Witch Project movie, which is a recent haunting story…..and totally fictional.  He has included illustrations by Heather Adel Wiggins, which are creepy enough to give one nightmares.
If you like learning about local history and legends, I recommend this book.  It could even stimulate tourism in the state because people will want to visit some of these spooky places, especially around Halloween!


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