The chance by Karen Kingsbury

chance  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The chance

Author:  Karen Kingsbury

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Teenagers Ellie and Nolan are best friends and have been since second grade and it was at their favorite spot – where they had played hide and seek, did homework, and cracked their hearts open – at the biggest Oak tree in Gordonston Park, that Ellie had to tell Nolan that she was leaving Georgia and moving to California. It’s the same spot they decide to bury Nolan’s old, rusty tackle box with enclosed letters written to each other and then meet again in eleven years to unearth and read the precious words. Will their lives be changed by then or will their dreams be still on hold?

Bestselling Karen Kingsbury writes a sweet, sad novel of choices and how our lives sometimes don’t follow the paths we originally choose for ourselves….

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