The aviator’s wife : a novel by Melanie Benjamin

aviatorswife  Regina  Reviews by:  Regina

Title:  The aviator’s wife : a novel

Author:  Melanie Benjamin

Collection:  Adult Fiction

A look at the life of shy, young Anne Morrow, thrust into immediate fame when she married the world renowned and loved Colonel Charles Lindbergh in 1929. A mix of fiction and historical truth wrap around a solid story and keeps your interest as starry-eyed and newly married Anne learns to fly solo and run from photographers to learning more of her handsome husband’s faults. It was extremely interesting to see how the media treated Anne, ignoring her accomplishments to only focus on Charles, forgetting that she was a brave, knowledgeable woman and the first licensed female glider pilot. The book leads off with Charles nearing the end of his life, works back to when Anne was a young woman just meeting him in Mexico City, and then ends with the family carrying out Lindbergh’s wishes.

I’ve always been curious about the Lindbergh’s, including the kidnapping of their young son, but had no clue of the lesser known details of their life until reading this book.

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