The death of bees : a novel by Lisa O’Donnell

deathofbees  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The death of bees : a novel

Author:  Lisa O’Donnell

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Blunt with a touch of humor. Grim and gritty. Edgy. Haunting. This is O’Donnell’s first novel and from the very first page of the prologue – it’s an eye-opener. I could not put this book down for the sheer horror of how Marnie, almost sixteen, and her little sister, Nelly, had to live with and without their drug addicted parents. Living in the projects of Glasgow, Scotland, the girls have never known any other kind of life than what they are living – never known the sweetness of a happy birthday or a family filled holiday, let alone the true and bonding love from a parent/child relationship. From page to page you will learn how each sister copes with her loss and reluctantly cheer when their neighbor, Lenny, steps in to give a hand and guidance. A new author that leaves you eager to see her next work.

Not for the faint of heart – rough language/crude humor…

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