News from heaven : the Bakerton stories by Jennifer Haigh

newsfromheaven  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  News from heaven : the Bakerton stories

Author:  Jennifer Haigh

Collection:  Adult Fiction

News from Heaven returns to the once booming, coal mining town of Bakerton, PA and steps back into the lives of family members Haigh had written about in the Baker Towers. (an exceptional read)As with other small declining towns across America, Bakerton has yet to reinvent itself – the young are leaving or dreaming of leaving, the older unemployed are trying to hang on by the skin of their teeth, and the retired, those that aren’t ill, are glad they made it this far but wondering what it would have been like if they left. Ten short stories are compiled into one book, all interrelated to each other – Haigh once again captures the allure and spirit of home and family, amidst depression and loss.

As with other readers, News from Heaven and Baker Towers, struck a chord with me – my once booming coal and ore mining town was a flurry with jobs locally and at nearby industrial plants that have now left for greener pastures. Our young people struggle to obtain work and earn a decent wage. At the middle of it all is family that hold us together…

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