Tapestry of fortunes : a novel by Elizabeth Berg

tapestryoffortunes  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title: Tapestry of fortunes : a novel

Author:  Elizabeth Berg

Collection:  Adult Fiction


Cecilia, a motivational speaker always on the road, lost so much when cancer claimed her best friend  Penny. Their lives were so intertwined that to move ahead seems unthinkable. How can Cecilia give inspirational, feel-good speeches when she herself can not get out of her funk? How many years had Penny asked her to slow down and enjoy life in the moment? In a moment of clear thought, Cecilia knows it’s time to move on. She downsizes, sells her lovely home in Michigan, and moves in with three other women. She also decides to volunteer at a palliative care home and search for an old boyfriend. Things get interesting when the four women decide to take a road trip to look for answers to their life questions.

Elizabeth Berg is well-known for getting inside a woman’s head and putting the thoughts to paper for us to enjoy…

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