A perfect proposal by Katie Fforde

perfectproposal  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  A perfect proposal

Author:  Katie Fforde

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Sophie – who seems to me,  quite smart and funny – is the black sheep of the family – the non-academic member. (think tops in common sense) More than a lil snobby and money-grubbing, they’re quite happy to stick Sophie with the mundane tasks of life, like working, cooking, and taking care of the house. When Sophie get the chance of lifetime to jet over to New York and see an old friend and follow up on a job lead, she jumps, only to find out the job has fallen through. How like Sophie to land on her feet, as Sophie as usual and without airs, lands another one. Read more about Sophie and her up and down life in A Perfect Proposal,

There is something about the way Katie Fforde cooks up her characters – a little charming, goofy, a bit trodden upon and taken advantage of, and sometimes even a little dizzy – that keeps me coming back for more.


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