Family pictures by Jane Green

family pictures   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Family pictures

Author:  Jane Green

Collection:  Adult Fiction

When West Coast Eve meets East Coast Grace, a friendship begins until Eve spies a photo of Grace’s father sitting in the middle of a table surrounded by other family photos. To Eve’s horror she recognizes the man as her own father, who is married to her mother Sylvie. Things are already shaky as Eve is hiding an eating disorder. Lives and homes of both families unravel as untruths and secrets are uncovered.

It was a wee bit predictable as you could see all the circumstances come to a head and blow up around them. Most of the POVs are from the women but Maggie’s youngest son, Buck, has a very small chapter. The very emotional chapters are when Eve, who can not control the downward spiral of eating and purging, is near death and her mother Sylvie knows she can not help her – tissues needed. There’s also a series of rather lucky circumstances that lead both women in rebuilding their lives – very convenient. Overall, a good book that tackles today’s issues…

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