The Supremes at Earl’s all-you-can-eat by Edward Kelsey Moore

supremesatearls  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Supremes at Earl’s all-you-can-eat

Author:  Edward Kelsey Moore

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Talk about a sense of outrageous humor – this book is laugh right out loud funny, braying like a donkey until your eyes tear up funny! The Supremes are three best friends, now in their fifties, who talk daily and meet at their local diner, Big Earl’s, for lunch every Sunday after church. The women have always been there for each other through the many ups and downs that life has handed their way. Barbara Jean has faced the horrifying loss of her only child, Clarice is still dealing with her husband’s affairs, and Odette will soon learn she is facing her life’s biggest challenge. The ladies and their spouses, who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, go from wanting to strangle each other to hugging their neck.

Edward Kelsey Moore has previously written short stories and this successful novel is his very first.

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