Scandalous! : 50 shocking events you should know about (so you can impress your friends) by Hallie Fryd

scandalous  lindaj  Review by:  Linda J.

Title:  Scandalous! : 50 shocking events you should know about (so you can impress your friends)

Author:  Hallie Fryd

Collection:  Adult Non-Fiction


If you enjoy a good scandal, then this book is for you!  It is written chronologically and dedicates a few pages to each scandal.   We find out who the major players are, why we still care about this event, and what happened to the scandalous folks afterwards.   Each chapter also includes other similar scandals so readers can enjoy more juicy tidbits on their own.  This book includes shocking events from 1906 through 2000, and scandalous folks from actors and athletes all the way up to presidents of the United States.

The book was written by Hallie Fryd who grew up in South Jersey, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, and currently lives and works in the Bay Area. Scandalous! Is her first book, and hopefully not last book. When not writing about history, pop culture, politics and miscellaneous Hallie enjoys thrift shopping, seeing bands, yelling at cable news and hoping it doesn’t rain.  In her introduction she says she wrote the book to give readers ‘a better understanding of how things in all realms of life have gotten to be the way they are today.’   These scandals have changed the way Americans look at issues including sex, religion, politics and rock & roll.

So, by reading Scandalous! you will learn history, politics and a little bit about human nature, plus be titillated by some crazy stories!



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