Trouble in store by Carol Cox

troubleinstore  Regina  Review by:  Regina

  Title:  Trouble in store

  Author:  Carol Cox

  Collection:  Adult Fiction

Melanie Ross is in a predicament. Recently fired from her governess position, she has been left without a home or income. As Melanie packs up her few belongings she fondly remembers an older cousin that lives out in Arizona – when Melanie was young he had treated her as if she was his own child. From old letters Mel finds an address and proceeds to go the long journey West hoping that her beloved cousin will shelter her. To her shock she finds her cousin has passed away and his co-owned business is now being run by a young man, Caleb Nelson, who doesn’t believe Melanie’s claims and who seems to be bent on scaring her out of town.

Carol Cox combines historical fiction and romance with a twist of mystery in Trouble in Store. Although predictable and little flat, it’s a nice little story although I was surprised to see how fast the town’s people hysterically became vigilantes.

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