Wedding night : a novel by Sophie Kinsella

weddingnight Regina  Review by: Regina

Title:  Wedding night : a novel

Author:  Sophie Kinsella

Collection:  Adult Fiction

At the perfect moment Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to finally propose! Setting: fancy, smancy restaurant, corner table overlooking the river, and at the point where Richard has something to ask her, Lottie looks down at her stockings and sees one of them flapping around her ankle. Flouncing off to the ladies room to tear both both stockings from her legs results in Lottie telling all the girls in there that THE moment has arrived – now practically the whole restaurant is holding their breath when Lottie returns back to her table, Richard, and the question. Only to Lottie’s tearful embarrassment, the question isn’t, “Will you marry me, ” but something boring about air miles…

Lottie’s sister Fliss knows that every time her sister ends a relationship, impulsive, outrageous things happens…like when Lottie got a tattoo, or an “intimate” piercing, or the expensive membership in a cult. So Fliss knows something horrible is about to happen and will she be able to successfully head it off?

Sophie Kinsella is hilariously funny – I found myself giggling until my sides hurt!


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