Stealing the preacher by Karen Witemeyer

stealingthepreacher  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Stealing the preacher

Author:  Karen Witemeyer

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Crockett Archer wants to preach and is on his way to interview for exactly that position when the train he is on is hijacked by masked bandits. When he finds that the only thing they are looking for is a preacher, Crockett lies but is soon found out, hands bound, and put astride a horse. The bandit’s head honcho leads them through the woods and to a small ranch where his daughter, Joanna awaits, astounded to see that her father has brought her birthday wish and present – Preacher Crockett! Archer, however, is determined to get to his interview, even late, and to his dismay the small town church has already hired the other candidate. Sensing that someone larger than he is choosing his path, Crockett heads back to the bandit’s ranch and Joanna’s answer to prayer.

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