The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs

appleorchard  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Apple Orchard

Author:  Susan Wiggs

Collections:  Adult Fiction

Tess Delaney is a whiz at finding lost or stolen antiques and returning them to their rightful owners and is actually awaiting a huge promotion. Everything is right on track, except for the fact that Tess barely has any family left and she lives out of suitcases. Her controlled little world is rocked when she discovers that she has more family than what she thought – a grandfather, bedridden from a coma, and a sister who run an apple orchard called Bella Vista in the Sonoma Valley. The lure of new-found family and unknown secrets unravel Tess’s desire to move ahead in the jet-hopping antique business.

I liked this book – reading about the orchard and the way the family was drawn together by homegrown organic foods and cooking, but what kept me on edge was the information on the German invasion of Denmark and how Wiggs wove it throughout the novel and her characters.

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