Upstairs and downstairs : the illustrated guide to the real world of Downton Abbey by Sarah Warwick

upstairsanddownstairs  lindaj  Review by:  Linda

Title:  Upstairs & downstairs : the illustrated guide to the real world of Downton Abbey

Author:  Sarah Warwick

Collection: Adult Non-Fiction

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey and you can’t wait until January 5th when the next season airs, this book may be just what the doctor ordered.    It calls itself ‘The illustrated guide to the real world of Downton Abbey’, and that is a good description of the book.   A day in the life of servants of an Edwardian era manor house is detailed in depth beginning with the rising of the scullery maid before the sun comes up and ending with the butler turning out all the lights and checking the windows and doors after midnight.   Fans of Downton Abbey will recognize and appreciate how factual the program is.  They will be able to picture the characters of the television show while reading about the real lives of servants.  There are great photographs and artwork to go with the text.

The author, Sarah Warwick, is a historical journalist.  She includes journal entries from Edwardian era servants that shed light on how they spent their days.  She also includes short biographies of famous people of the era and how they interacted with their servants.  Winston Churchill adored his nanny, and when he died at the age of 90 there was only one picture by his bedside:  Elizabeth Everest the nanny.

The book is only 127 pages long and is full of photographs, so you will be able to finish it before the next installment of Downton Abbey!

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