Looking for me by Beth Hoffman

lookingforme  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Looking for me

Author:  Beth Hoffman

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Another winner from the author of Saving CeCe Honeycutt with interesting, quirky characters and a strong, female leading character. Teddi Overman has an eye for restoring old furniture and encouraged by her father, but not by her “Debbie Downer” mother, moves from the family farm in Kentucky to bustling Charleston. She also leaves behind her beloved younger brother, Josh, a true nature and animal enthusiast. After several years of building her business in the city, her brother disappears into the forests surrounding the old farm, and blamed by her mother, Teddi’s nightmares escalate. When her mother passes away, during what was to be a brief visit to the farm, Teddi is left the choice of keeping the farm or selling it. Along the path of making her final decision, Teddi uncovers the truth about her parent’s marriage and makes her final peace with the loss of Josh.

A quote favorite by me and many others:

“Some people run toward life, arms flung wide in anticipation. Others crack open the door and take a one-eyed peek to see what’s out there. Then there are those who give up on life long before their heart stops beating – all used up, worn out, and caved in, yet they wake each morning and shuffle their tired legs through another day. Maybe they’re hoping for a change – a miracle, even – but runaway dreams and lost years hang heavily on their backs. It’s the only coat they know how to wear.”

Mark this as one to read!


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