The Wednesday daughters : a novel by Meg Waite Clayton

wednesdaydaughters  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Wednesday daughters : a novel

Author:  Meg Waite Clayton

Collection:  Adult Fiction

It all began with the Wednesday Sisters, published in 2008 – five moms that got together in the park to chat, discuss literary works, and share their lives with each other. Now Meg Waite Clayton is back with the Wednesday Daughters – daughters, of those same moms, that have grown up around each other and are closer than sisters. Hope goes on a trip to England to discover more about her mother, Allie, one of the five original moms who liked to write, who had recently passed. She carries her mother’s ashes with her. Friends Anna and Julie, who are Wednesday sisters and who were also very close to Allie, travel with Hope, to give support but also looking for answers to their own issues at hand. Discoveries are made, new family is found, and secrets are unlocked and laid to rest.

All the references to Beatrix Potter really intrigued me, as did the setting in England’s Lake District, as Allie spoke through Beatrix’s voice and illustrations. Beautiful descriptions of the area bring the surrounding countryside to life.

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