The Friday night knitting club by Kate Jacobs

fridaynightknittingclub  Regina  Review by: Regina

Title:  The Friday night knitting club

Author:  Kate Jacobs

Collection:  Adult Fiction

I suppose being a crafty woman, thanks to my Gma Fazenbaker and my momma, I enjoyed this book. I am a new knitter, knitting scarfs for presents with eyelash yarn combined with a sturdier second and the pull of the women sitting around the shop, knitting, making mistakes and pulling them out, chatting, eating munchies made by shopowner Georgia Walker’s teen daughter Dakota sucked me right into the storyline. Georgia is a strong, independent woman – making a living for herself and Dakota in the second story above a Manhattan meat market. Third floor, right up the steps, is their digs. Work is life and life is work when Georgia’s ex walks back into the picture, ready to pursue a relationship with his only daughter, throwing everything in a tailspin. Georgia’s clients/friends have her back but who can help when the doctors give her an unexpected diagnosis?

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