The cottage at Glass Beach : a novel by Heather Barbieri

cottageatglassbeach  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The cottage at Glass Beach : a novel

Author:  Heather Barbieri

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Nora Cunningham is taking refuge on Burke’s Island, a small remote strip of land off the Maine coast and settled by the Irish centuries before. Her famous husband and his affair have been splashed over tabloids so Nora and her two girls, Annie, 7 and Ella, 12 going on 21 are hiding out. Nora’s earliest memories are of Burke’s, being able to swim like a fish, and her beautiful mother that disappeared when she was only small. Nora’s elderly Aunt Maire lives in the old homeplace nearby and who summoned her with a letter still believes in the magical legends of the island including selkies – a mythical creature. As the island begins to heal Nora, she is drawn towards a quiet fisherman who guards his own secrets but Ella blames her parent’s breakup only on her mother, causing her to say and do things that put her and her sister into danger.

Beautifully written and full of mystery, The Cottage at Glass Beach, makes a good anytime read.

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