The lemon orchard by Luanne Rice

lemonorchard  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The lemon orchard

Author:  Luanne Rice

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Grief and heartache bring people together as in the unexpected romance between two unlikely people. One – an immigrant that has crossed the USA/Mexican border illegally, at the cost of his young daughter, Rosa, and the other, an anthropologist who lost both her husband and 16 year old daughter in a car accident. They meet in a seaside, lush lemon orchard in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains owned by Julia’s aunt and uncle. Julia is there to house-sit with her beloved Bonnie Blue, a seven-year-old border collie when she meets Roberto, manager and caretaker of the orchard whose quiet, strong ways reach across Julia’s barriers and draw her in. As Julia learns more of Roberto’s past, she feels the need to redeem her loss by solving the clues that surround the missing Rosa.

Rice takes on the controversial subject of illegal immigration and wraps a heartrending  story around it..

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