The longest ride by Nicholas Sparks

longestride  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The longest ride

Author:  Nicholas Sparks

Collection:  Adult Fiction

We can’t get enough stories on love and relationships from super writer Nicholas Sparks. In his latest novel, two couples’ courtships – one nearing its ending, one just beginning – are the love stories that Sparks explores. Ira, a widower, had one last mission to complete before joining Ruth, his beloved wife, forever, but fails when the car he is driving plunges over the side of a hill. Ira begins to see visions of Ruth, encouraging him to stay alive, and as he slips in and out of consciousness, Ira reviews their tender relationship over the previous decades. At the same time a young couple, Sophia, a college student and Luke, a bull rider and rancher, are being drawn into a relationship and suffer from expectations and immaturity. As the story nears its conclusion and both love stories unfold, the connection is finally revealed.

Written from different viewpoints, the characters’ vulnerability and passion show through across a span of over 90 years.

Soon to made into a movie….

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