The tutor’s daughter by Julie Klassen

tutorsdaughter  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The tutor’s daughter

Author:  Julie Klassen

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Emma Smallwood enjoys assisting her father with his small boarding school. But, things have fallen away since the death of his wife and Emma’s mother two years before. Attendance has dropped and finances are becoming tight. Emma has written to former graduates Phillip and Henry Weston’s father, a baronet in Cornwall, to inquire of the two younger sons. Mr. Weston is more interested in the Smallwoods joining him at his estate on the coast and teaching the boys onsite. When Emma and her father arrive in the nearby village, no one is there to meet them so a young boy and cart are hired to take them to Ebbington Manor, where unfortunately not only had their arrival slipped Sir Giles mind but his wife, Lady Weston had not even been informed of the teaching position being filled. The rude beginning gets worse, when the younger sons, twins, do not like being taught and mystery and suspicion surround the Manor – especially at night, when howling can be heard.

Written along the lines of Jane Eyre, readers of historical and Regency romance will enjoy this novel.

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