Fired up by Mary Connealy

firedup  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Fired up

Author:  Mary Connealy

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Book two in the Trouble in Texas series starts off fast. Glynna and her two children are smack dab in the middle of moving from the ranch that her ex-husband had stolen from Luke Stone. As she and Luke’s Regulator friends travel through the narrow cut, boulders avalanche down from the hill, narrowly missing them but Doc Dare Riker suffers from a deep gash to his back. When they finally arrive in town, Glynna decides to open a diner in one of the empty storefronts and surprising does an amazing business, even if she can’t cook and burns everything she makes. Dare in the meantime has healed from the rockslide incident but encounters more things that threaten his life – his home is torched while he’s sleeping and Dare is leery of Glynna’s cooking although it sends many men with upset stomachs to his doctoring business. The tension is strong between Glynna and Dare, as she and her children do not want another man in their life that could possibly hurt them again but she can’t help being drawn to the honest, heroic doctor.

Themes are forgiveness, faith in what God has called you to do, honesty, and loyalty. You’ll giggle at some of the antics including Glynna’s cooking skills. The third book in the series will involve Regulator/lawyer, Vince Yates and new-to-town Tina Cahill, Jonas’s sister.


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