The 10 Best Book-Related Instagram Accounts

From our friends at the New York Public Library

The 10 Best Book-Related Instagram Accounts | The New York Public Library.

Staff Picks: A wreath of snow : a Victorian Christmas novella

by Liz Curtis Higgs,  

This heartwarming novella invites readers to experience Christmas in Victorian Scotland, as the chill of a family misunderstanding gives way to the warmth of forgiveness.

Site of the Week | Great Websites for Kids

Site of the Week | Great Websites for Kids.

7 iPad Apps to Help Students With Dyslexia

7 iPad Apps to Help Students With Dyslexia.

July’s Top 10 books picked by Librarians across the country






21 Perfect Middle Grade Books for Summer Reading

Summer is the perfect time to explore some great new books — especially for those in the magic age of “middle grade.” You know, before teachers start piling on ridiculously large required summer reading lists? …

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A summer reading list from college admissions counselors

Here is a rather unusual summer reading list. It was assembled by Brennan Barnard, director of college counseling at  The Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, who asked college admissions deans and high school counselors to send him recommendations of books that are great summer reads for parents, students and everybody else. The list includes books about college, other non-fiction and great fiction.

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11 YA Books With Happy Endings to Read on the Beach This Summer

If you’re still railing against the end of the Divergent trilogy and wiping the mascara from your face after re-reading The Fault in Our Stars, you might be in the mood for a happier YA beach read this summer.

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What to Read When You’re Expecting

My sister just had a baby. As it turns out, having a baby is kind of stressful. She faced her pregnancy & those early days of babyhood the same way we bookish types face all life-changing events… with a pile of books by her bed. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a good book makes everything better. So whether you’re looking for information, distraction, or just a reminder that the insanity won’t last for ever, these 5 books are for you, new moms. It’s all going to be ok.

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Ma and Pa Ingalls, Mr and Mrs. Quimby and 28 more great parents from literature

It’s hard to find good parents in fiction. A lot of books deal either with the lack of a parent or a parent’s complete unsuitability for the role. But there are a few good ones out there, parents who make you think, “Gee, I wish my parents were like that.” Behold: Parents (or parental types) we wish were ours—or that we wish we could be.

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