Site of the Week | Great Websites for Kids

Site of the Week | Great Websites for Kids.

Want to search for books, music, movies and more from your phone?

Want to search for books, music, movies and more from your phone? Allegany County Library System now offers an iPhone, iPod touch and Android app.  Called LS2 Mobile, the app can search for a title, place a request/hold, renew an item or check your account status on loans, requests/holds and fines.  And the best part… it’s free!  LS2Mobile and the ACLS catalog are available from the iPhone App Store and Android Marketplace.  So, go ahead.  With just a few clicks, Allegany County Library System is everywhere you are!

Directions for finding the app are below.  For additional assistance, please contact us

Android Instructions

To load the LS2 Mobile App onto your Android device



Option 1: Search the Android App Market

Click the Market icon to access the Android App Market and then click apps in the navigation area.

Click the Search icon in the upper right corner.

Type LS2 Mobile and then select LS2 Mobile Library.





Option 2:    Scan the QR code and download from the Android App Market.

Android App QR Code

Download from Android Market


2. Click Install.

3. Once LS2 Mobile Library has been downloaded to your phone, a message will appear in the header of the Android App Market advising the download is complete.

4. Click the LS2 icon on your phone to start the application and follow the steps to select your library.

5. You will need to select Allegany County Library System the first time you access the application.

Accessing the application for the first time you will need to select Allegany County Library System.  A check mark will display next to the selected library name.  Click Done, then Save.

The Search page displays.  Start searching!

If you ever need to change the library’s name, click the Settings icon at the bottom of your device.

Please note, currently, LS2 Mobile supports Android devices running Android OS versions 2.2 and 2.3.  If you are not running one of these versions, you may not see LS2 Mobile Library in your search results.

iPhone / iPod Instructions

To load the LS2 Mobile App onto your iPhone or iPod Touch device:

Option 1: Search the iTunes App Store

Click the App Store icon on your device

Click the Search icon at the bottom of the screen

Type LS2 Mobile Library



Option 2: Scan the QR code and download from iTunes.

iOS App QR Code

Download from iTunes


1.  From the results list, click LS2 Mobile.

2.  The LS2 Mobile icon displays with a description page. Click Free.

3.  The Free button changes to Install. Click Install. At this point follow the Apple instructions.

4.  You will be asked to provide your iTunes password. Installation takes about 30 seconds.

Accessing the application for the first time you will need to select Allegany County Library System.  A check mark will display next to the selected library name.  Click Done, then Save.

The Search page displays.  Start searching!

If you ever need to change the library’s name, click the Settings icon at the bottom of your device.

Plants vs. Zombies [Game]

     Review by:  Lisa

Title:  Plants vs. Zombies

Collection: Video Games


Beware!  Once you check out this game, you will not be able to put it down.  Plants vs. Zombies, also an app for your mobile device, pits a selection of talented plants with amazing abilities against a swarm of zombies intent on entering your home to get you.  Your goal is to strategically place the right plants in the right places in order to prevent the zombie horde from infiltrating your last line of defense–the lawnmowers.  These zombies are persistent, and some come equipped with their own set of special abilities that make it even more difficult to fend them off.

The game is entertaining (dare I say addictive?) and not gory or gross at all if you are worried about the zombie mayhem.  There are plenty of games to play with different levels and environments.  It is rated for everyone 10 and older.

May the 4th Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

Mysteries of the Jedi  Star Wars III  Backlash    Adventures in Hyperspace  Star Wars Trilogy

May the 4th Be With You!  (May the Force Be With You!–get it??)

Do you love Star Wars?  This day is considered an unofficial holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate Star Wars culture and remember the films.  The items shown above are just a small sampling of Star Wars related materials that the library has for you to check out to have your own out of this world celebration.  As a lifelong Star Wars fan, it is my pleasure to have the chance to share my excitement about the movies, stories, and video games with library customers. Here are a few of my favorites.  What are yours?

Favorite movie of the series:  Return of the Jedi.  Although The Empire Strikes Back is a very close second, ROTJ has it all!   The Rebel Alliance takes a last stand against the evil Imperials, led by Admiral Ackbar (It’s a Trap); Luke faces his father Darth Vader with the Emperor watching (Good, good!  Use your aggressive feelings, boy!)  ; Han gets rescued by the Princess (You have carbonation sickness) ; and who knew that the galaxy would rely on fuzzy little Ewoks to save the day (Echewawa)!

Favorite book after the films:  Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn   There is actually a 20th anniversary edition of this title coming out in June.  For me, basically Zahn’s novel represents the rebirth of Star Wars.  For awhile, after ROTJ ended, there was a dry spell with no more stories, movies, games, toys.  With Heir to the Empire, Zahn picks up where ROTJ ended, thereby creating a resurgence in stories outside of George Lucas’ vision that have now been dubbed the Expanded Universe.  Han and Leia are married and expecting twins, Luke begins to rebuild the Jedi order and a certain redhead comes into his life, and the galaxy recovers from years of Imperial suppression.  Ah, but wait!  The Imperial fleet is not done yet…

Favorite character:  R2-D2.  Yes, he’s a machine, but that droid has a soul, and notice R2 is a “he” not an “it” throughout the films.  Ewan McGregor, who portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy, said in an interview, “As soon as R2-D2 comes on the set, everyone goes a bit silly.” He recalled how his then four-year-old daughter announced she was in love with R2-D2, and then confessed his own affections for the droid: “…there is something about him that makes you feel great affection for him. I think it is a combination of his shape, his high-pitched voice. He’s just incredibly appealing. In fact, I believe he is George [Lucas]’s favorite actor.” Lucas confirms this in the audio commentary of the Episode III DVD. In this discussion on the audio commentary, George Lucas also notes that it is intentional that R2-D2 saves the day at least once in every film.

Favorite Starship:  Millennium Falcon  Fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy  ’nuff said.

Favorite quotes from the films:   “Laugh it up, fuzzball”  “Do or do not, there is no try”  “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper”  ” There’s always a bigger fish”  “Let the wookiee win”  “Never tell me the odds”

Enjoy Star Wars Day!

Today is National Bookmobile Day!


Today is National Bookmobile Day, a time during National Library Week to celebrate our libraries on wheels!


The Allegany County Bookmobile has been around since 1961, although the shape of the vehicle itself has changed a bit over the years!  On board, you will find the latest and greatest in books, movies, music, and games for all ages.

“Libraries exist to serve readers, and bookmobiles are a terrific example of library service. If you are very old or very young, if you live off the beaten track, if you just can’t make it to your local library, bookmobiles are for you. A good bookmobile warms the cockles of my heart; it is a movable community, bringing books to the readers.” – Audrey Niffenegger, Honorary Chair, National Bookmobile Day 2011

Stop by and say hello to Ginny and Carl today.  Click here for the weekly schedule!

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Reviewed by:  Emily

Title:  Donkey Kong Country Returns

Gaming System:  Nintendo Wii

Collection:  Video Games

From the popular Nintendo game from the early 90’s comes the new game for the Wii. The graphics are stellar with 2D and even 3D aspects. Probably one the best non-combat games to date, Donkey Kong is appropriate for all ages. Similar to Super Mario Bros. with it’s different levels and worlds to fight your way through, Donkey Kong offers a complex scenario with mini adventures and bosses that take practice to beat. This game is fun for one or two players and requires nunchucks to connect to your Wii remote.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (XBox 360)

Need for Speed:  Hot Pursuit Jason Reviewed by:  Jason

Title:  Need for Speed:  Hot Pursuit

Gaming System:  XBox 360

Collection: Video Games

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is an insanely fast and extremely deep racer that features full career modes for both a racer and as a cop. If you have Xbox Live, the new Autolog feature informs you when one of your friends beats one of your times in one of one the races offered up in the fictional Seacrest County…..which is huge and very varied. In Seacrest County, racers love to show off the high speeds of their exotic cars in races with other speed junkies and the cops use a wide range of weapons to stop them at any cost. As a cop, you can set up road blocks, spike strips, helicopter support, and EMP’s which damage a racer’s electronics and knocks them sideways. One of my favorite things to do is to head on to the freeway the wrong way to try and outsmart or lose the cops that are right on your tail. Swerving in out of traffic at 220+ mph in a Lamborghini Murcilago or another exotic car that costs more money than you’ll ever make in your life is a ton of fun…….until you hit a car head on and go flying through the air. I really hope they have these cars insured. Even the crashes are jaw droppingly beautiful and realistic. If you are a fan of racing games, this one is pretty much a must play!

Just Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii

Just Dance 2

Reviewed by:  Emily

Title:  Just Dance 2

Gaming System:  Nintendo Wii

Collection:  Video Games

Just Dance 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular game “Just Dance.” It not only lives up to it’s predecessor but improves upon the quality and quantity of songs. The songs range in difficulty from easy to hard and the music spans the 70’s through 2000’s. There are songs for boys such as “Jump” by Criss Cross and songs for girls like “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. There is also a “Dance Till You Sweat” feature that charts the amount of time you dance per week with a goal each day.  Appropriate for all ages but make sure you stretch before beginning!