Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

  Chris  Review by:  Chris

Title:  Sisters Red

Author:  Jackson Pearce

Collection:  Teen Books

Sisters Red takes Little Red Riding Hood in a whole new direction.  When they were no more than little girls, a fenris, commonly known as a werewolf,  attacked Scarlett and Rosie March, mutilating Scarlett and eating their grandmother.  Since then, the sisters have dedicated their lives to hunting down and killing the monsters, with the help of Scarlett’s partner Silas, the son of a woodsman who lives near their grandmother.  Now the fenris seem to be everywhere, and they are stronger than before, leading Scarlett, Rosie, and Silas to leave their small woodland town and take their hunt to the streets of Atlanta to try to discover an explanation for this odd fenris behavior.  While this book stretches the bounds of believability at times, it is an appropriately grisly tale for the Halloween season.  Some of the book’s romance elements and its southern setting may also appeal to fans of Charlaine Harris.

Teen Read Week is an initiative of the  Young Adult Library Services Association(YALSA). Teen Read Week started in 1998. This year’s theme is Picture It @ your library®, which encourages teens to read graphic novels and other illustrated materials, seek out creative books, or imagine the world through literature, just for the fun of it. Libraries across the world celebrate Teen Read Week with a variety of special events and programs aimed at encouraging teens to read for pleasure and to visit their libraries for free reading materials.

To help celebrate, the Allegany County Library System Collections Blog will feature books that teens will love to read!

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