The Snow Angel by Glenn Beck

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Snow Angel

Author:  Glenn Beck

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Glenn Beck writes another sad and heart-wrenching Christmas story that ends on a note of hope at Christmas Eve. Rachel Price had a lonely childhood, verbally abused by her mother and distanced by a unsure, overworked father. Her kind neighbors, the Wevers, who could see Rachel’s sadness, took her under their wing, and gave her new skills, security, and love. But many years later, when Rachel marries, she falls into the same life she led at home. Cyrus is overbearing, possessive, and abusive – verbally and physically. For years, Rachel tries to hide the shame and abuse, lying to herself that she is deserving of such treatment, but when her own honest, young, daughter Lily begins to question the life her family lives – Rachel, with the help of an old friend and a new ally, begins to unravel the web of untruths and insecurities.

This is a gem of a book – it’s not your typical happy holiday novel. It deals with real-life issues, scabs, scars and hurting wounds. I got caught up in Beck’s Christmas Sweater last year and was hoping this read would be as good or even better – I was not disappointed.

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