Old, New, Red, Blue: An Online Disney Book

Review by:  Linda

Title:  Old, New, Red, Blue!  An Online Disney Book

Author:  Melissa Lagonegro

Collection:  Downloadable eBook


Ready, set, GO! Lightning McQueen, the rookie hot-shot race car, is screaming his way down the track on his way to winning the Piston Cup. But when he gets stuck in a slow little town called Radiator Springs, McQueen must learn a valuable lesson about friendship—fast.

Cars look great with expressions! Poor dirty car. Is that a mustache on that mean car? This book ties in with the movie Cars and is great for toddlers and those who are just learning to handle reading a few words per page.  Little kids can have fun highlighting each word with the magic pen to hear their pronunciation. This book is part of the Step into Reading: Step 1 geared for ages 4 and up.

The Disney Online Books are made for reading on a traditional Windows® or Mac® computer. They are easy to access using your library card:
Click on the “Collections” tab on the library’s homepage
Choose “Download eBooks, Audio & Music”
Click on Maryland’s Digital eLibrary Consortium
And Click the Disney logo in the left-side column.

Or, click below:


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