Things We Didn’t Say by Kristina Riggle

    Regina   Review by:  Regina

Title:  Things we didn’t say

Author:  Kristina Riggle

Collection:  Adult Fiction

A contemporary read about a blended American family and all its warts and blemishes. Casey is a recovering alcoholic with a not so happy past, but when she falls in love with Michael and his children, all that is old is covered up. Michael only knows the “new” Casey whose worst “fault” is smoking. When Casey moves in to their family home, things shift and change. As Casey draws closer to the two youngest, Dylan and Jewel, teenager Angel plots with her real Mom to get rid of Casey. Then Dylan runs away, and all hell breaks loose, secrets are exposed, words are said in anger, and Michael sides wrongly with ex-wife. Casey is ready to walk.

Very real. Very now. Gritty and honest.

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