The scent of lilacs by Ann H. Gabhart

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The scent of lilacs

Author:  Ann H. Gabhart

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Ann Gabhart wrote that this book was her first attempt at inspirational writing and it is the beginning of a series set in a small town in Hollyhill, Kentucky in the 1960s. A much simpler time and way of life but people faced the same distractions, temptations, and problems as now. Jocie, at only 13 and daughter of the local pastor, prays for her sister to return and a pet dog to love. Her father also is a newspaper editor and Jocie hangs out at the shop and helps out by taking pictures of local events and writing stories. They both share their home with Jocie’s stern Great Aunt Love, who loves to quote scripture and handout chores. When Jocie was only a baby her mother left in the middle of the night, taking with her Jocie’s older sister, Tabitha, finally settling in California and never returning. One night at the beginning of summer, the family returns home from church to find someone sitting on the porch in the dark, waiting for them. Will Summer be the unraveling of secrets?

The main characters are so well written and your heart will break for sweet Jocie and the secrets that will change her summer and her life.

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