Love blooms in winter by Lori Copeland

   Regina  Review by: Regina

Title:  Love blooms in winter

Author:  Lori Copeland

Collection:  Adult Fiction

In Lori Copeland’s latest release, the plot is set in the dead of winter in a tiny prairie town of Dwadlo, North Dakota – where the Chicago & North Western railroad steams through. Mae Wilkey, is the postmistress who also helps Hal Murphy in his general store and watches over her younger brother, Jeremy and elderly snuff-chewing neighbor, Pauline, who has a few lucid moments now and then. In Mae’s quest to find a relative of Pauline’s, she comes across a single piece of paper with the name Tom Curtis. Could Tom be the family, come visit and be Pauline’s caretaker instead of Mae? When Tom finally arrives, racking his brain over this long lost aunt, it’s because he can combine the trip with railroad business. Out of compassion he goes along with the nephew/relation idea. As he tries to wind things up in Dwadlo, events happen, including a train wreck, that cause him to stay put and eventually Tom begins to fall for the petite postmistress and the funny characters who live in and out of town.

Note: I get a kick out of the quirky characters that Copeland creates. Hal, Lil, and Pauline especially gave me many belly laughs. I’m not going to tell you about the elephant!

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