One mountain away by Emilie Richards

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  One mountain away

Author:  Emilie Richards

Collection:  Adult Fiction

A story of pain and forgiveness, attrition and healing…Charlotte Hale is fighting cancer but fighting it alone. Charlotte is estranged from her ex-husband and daughter, definitely not a favorite at her church or the business she built from the ground up. Friends – none. Charlotte swore when she left the mountain the day after graduation that she would never be poor or looked down upon ever again – to be in total control has made her enemies and lost her family. But when she receives the diagnosis of cancer and sees a “nurse” in the hospital that others have never seen, Charlotte begins to make amends for poor treatment of others. But forgiveness from her ex and daughter, who now has a small daughter of her own, seems to be out of reach.

Quote: “The way we nurture and protect our memories of people who lived before us. The good they did? Like those seeds of your grandmother’s, it doesn’t die. It’s passed from person to person. It lives on in other forms, in other places, but the essence of what it was at the beginning never changes.”

Have a box of tissues nearby!

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