A Christmas garland : a novel by Anne Perry

christmasgarland  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  A Christmas garland : a novel

Author:  Anne Perry

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Another little Christmas gem by Anne Perry spun around the events set in the 1850s following the horrendous massacre of many during the siege of Cawnpore in India. The British military is depending on one young man to unravel a mystery, a thankless job, that can only point the way of restoring loyalty and the code of honor during the Christmastide. Lt. Victor Narraway is chosen to defend a medical orderly named John Tallis because Tallis is the only man unaccounted for his whereabouts during a bloody prisoner escape. With no way to prove his innocence Tallis is likely to hang – against all odds and the pressure of wrapping things up before Christmas, can Lt. Narraway somehow find a clue?

Perry is a writer of detail and horror – this book lacks neither. You’ll feel Narraway’s despair over his hopeless task as he learns the details of the escape and the earlier massacre of men, women, and children and you’ll cheer him on as he decides not to give up on the condemned Tallis. Christmas, after all, is a time of hope.

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