The hunters by John Flanagan

hunters  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The hunters

Author:  John Flanagan

Collection:  Juvenile Fiction

Third and final book in the exciting, adventure series, Brotherband Chronicles, for juveniles, teens, and adults alike is The Hunters. Hal is back with Thorn and his Heron brotherhood and hot on the trail of the bloodthirsty pirate Zavac and the stolen Skandian treasure, the Andomal. Zavac and his crew of cutthroats somehow seem to stay ahead of the Herons, resorting to bribing and murder. Hal is determined to track Zavac and return the Andomal to his homeland, earning back honor and respect for him and his young friends.

Both series, Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband Chronicles, exemplify the strengths of working together, friendship and loyalty, patience, thinking outside the box, and you can see as both series progress a maturing of all the characters. I’ve always looked forward to the release of Flanagan’s novels and am wondering what he’s working on now.

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