The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Christmas Wedding

Author:  James Patterson

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Gaby is planning a Christmas wedding – her own, but she is the only person who knows who the groom will be! It’s a secret! She does have it narrowed down to three men – who have all ask for her hand. It will be Gaby’s second marriage, as her first husband died years ago and her family hasn’t been together since. She wants all her four children to come home from all parts of the country and she teases them into coming back by sending them five videos. Romantic, sad, mysterious, and funny, this book is a wonderful read as the holidays draw closer.

I usually do not read James Patterson and this little novel is unlike his thrillers – a very, enjoyable read. Down to the very end, when Gaby was waiting up front for her groom – I was still trying to guess which one of her three friends would be the lucky man!

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