Leaving by Karen Kingsbury

  Regina  Review by: Regina

Title:  Leaving

Author:  Karen Kingsbury

Collection:  Adult Fiction

I have come to really enjoy Karen Kingsbury’s way of making you step back and look at the time of life you are in at the moment, pause to really enjoy and hold the memories dear. We all go through stages in our lives and as the title indicates – this book is all about leaving. Bailey is leaving her childhood behind to audition for a Broadway show and if selected will move to New York City; Cody is leaving for a new job at a high school, farther away from Bailey; Landon is possibly leaving the fire department. Leaving can be a joyous occasion, tempered with fear and tension – or leaving can be devastating and heart-breaking.

The first in the new Bailey Flanigan series, the characters are all familiar, with maybe one or two Kingsbury will flesh out in her next book. The only criticism I have is that the Bailey/Cody relationship has been dragged out way too long and needs wrapped up soon.

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